Ultimate Border - A Product of ELBEblue line

More fun in your pool.
Less cleaning.
No More Water Line

More fun in your pool.
Less cleaning.
No More Water Line

Ultimate Border is the perfect solution for that unsightly water line, one of the biggest maintenance problems in your pool.

Although chemical levels in your pool water can be easily controlled with the proper equipment, you can’t control the quality of sunscreens, cosmetics, heavy metals, or phosphates in the pool water, or contamination of the air, all of which result in dirt and stains, thus the unsightly water line.

Our solution makes this problem go away. Forever.

This new product completely covers the 257-mm pool border, allowing you to clean with chemicals of your choice, including alcohol or solvent.* It’s the best protection of a PVC membrane on the market, and it gives you the Ultimate Pool Surface.

Can be installed on existing membrane pools, renovation pool projects, and new pool construction

Wide assortment of colors and designs



Eliminates unsightly water line around the perimeter of the pool caused by suntan lotions and skin oils

Makes cleaning much easier

A German-engineered product

* For varnish longevity, maintain the proper chemical balance of the pool water. Do not use solvent or alcohol to clean.
* See our warranty and water treatment guides.

The Ultimate Pool Surface


Talk to your pool dealer about building your new pool or repairing your damaged pool with ELBE Pool Surface®.



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