ELBE Pool Surface® has an exclusive formulation elaborated in house with only pure resin:

Longer life span

Prevents the development of bacteria & fungi making the pool more hygienic

Surface easier to clean

Best protection against UV radiation, preventing premature aging

Excellent protection against scratches

The system allows a quick installation*

*For instance, a 10m x 5m pool (32’ x 16´) the installation is usually performed in 4 days.

ELBE Pool Surface® Consumer Brochure (PDF)

Our Promise to You…

Very little time and trouble for you and your family while installation is completed.

Customized and tailored just for you. Our product will work in your pool. Size, shape, or design are no obstacles.

Installation is quick and easy. No heavy machinery on your property. No disruptive, annoying noise. The installer completes all work inside your pool.

Swim immediately. You don’t need to wait up to 1 week before enjoying your pool as is the case with other resurfacing techniques.

A 15-year Water Tightness Warranty on the material.

A smooth surface that is comfortable for swimmers. The durability of concrete or tiles without the skinned knees, arms or feet typical of swimming in a concrete tiled pool.

Material equipped with anti-microbial and anti-algae formulation.

Your installer has chosen the best product for you. Trust him. He will meet and exceed your expectations.

The Ultimate Pool Surface


Talk to your pool dealer about building your new pool or repairing your damaged pool with ELBE Pool Surface®.



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