Shields Against Sun Cream

Tests show that elite’s® stain resistance is 300% better than the competition.

Resistance Along Waterline

Water-line stains require little effort, using approved swimming pool chemicals. This means lower maintenance. With a regular surface, such as tile, gunite, fiberglass or a weaker membrane, you are required to clean stains very quickly for best results. With elite®, you maintain a clean pool with less effort.

The elite® membrane is much easier to clean. The reinforced membrane prevents the penetration of sun creams, cosmetics and other chemicals that discolor the membrane or cause stains, particularly on the water line under the effect of UV radiation. NO MORE INTENSE CLEANING.

Organic residues and humidity can allow bacteria to grow behind weaker membranes. The durable elite membrane prevents unsightly and unhealthy bacteria from penetrating it and growing behind it, creating major cleaning challenges.

elite’s® unique formula protects against:

UV radiation,
one of the main reasons for deterioration of the pool surface.

Chlorine discoloration
typically occurring over time. The durable elite membrane strongly resists chemical substances such as chlorine in both commercial pools, where there are many swimmers, and residential pools, used by smaller groups.

elite-icon-lifespanLonger Life Span

The elite® product maintains is original color and reduces maintenance for you. With a regular surface, such as tile, gunite, fiberglass or a weaker membrane, you are required to clean stains very quickly for best results. With less maintenance, there is longer life and less frequent renovations.

With elite®, the pool is clean and inviting, with little work.


The World’s Safety & Healthiest Choice for You and Your Family

Exceeds the Standards

We are the first in the market to offer a Phthalate-Free Membrane, the ultimate in pool membranes. The chemical phthalate, widely used in products for half a century, is replaced.

Elite® is algae resistant and anti-microbial.
Swimmers have no health concerns in an elite pool.

5 Natural Colors




Superior Quality

Only pure virgin material is used in the manufacturing process, and no heavy metals. This creates the best quality product, while conserving natural resources and the environment. Elite has an exclusive formulation elaborated in-house with only pure resin.

german-qualityElite® reinforced membranes are engineered and manufactured in a state-of-the art facility in Dresden, Germany. Made in Germany by ELBTAL PLASTICS means Premium Quality.

The Ultimate Pool Surface


Talk to your pool dealer about building your new pool or repairing your damaged pool with ELBE Pool Surface®.



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